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Green Building on a Budget

October 21, 2022

Rising energy costs and common sense make it highly desirable to build a “green” home that is energy efficient and has the smallest ecological impact. When you undertake eco friendly house construction, you can save money on energy costs while also doing your part to help limit potential impacts on your local and regional environment. It all starts with having a good design and planning to create a truly eco-friendly home. The design should enable the use of green construction materials and promote energy efficiency. You also should have a budget in mind and stick with it to build the... View Article

Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

October 14, 2022

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most practical home improvement projects you can undertake. However, it is also a highly involved project that requires careful planning to do correctly. When done properly, a kitchen renovation increases your home’s value and makes it a more enjoyable place to live. The question of "I want a new kitchen where do I start?" is a common one, and one we have heard at Coyote Hollow Construction more than once. By taking the time to understand the kitchen renovation process, you can be better prepared to improve your home. Kitchen Renovation Steps 1. What... View Article

What’s In & What’s Out In Home Design?

October 7, 2022

Just like with clothing fashions, home designs trend and go out of style as well. If you are currently planning a home build or a home renovation, you will want to spend some time getting familiar with what is in and what is out with home designs. So, what is the latest interior design trends? What’s In? Smart Homes – Smart homes are definitely in with new home trends. Not only are smart devices and accessories a cool addition to your home, but they can also greatly increase the safety and functionality of your home. The number of new smart... View Article

5 Tips for Designing Additional Dwelling Units

September 23, 2022

There is a shortage of affordable, good-quality living spaces in the U.S. Two out of five US families struggle with a lack of adequate, comfortable living space. That’s why there is a construction boom in backyards across the U.S. as families swap garden space and precious lawns for something even better; a workout studio, home office, rental property, casita, a coach house, and other types of additional dwelling units (ADUs). Coyote Hollow Construction helps design and create seamless, beautiful additional dwelling units for residents of Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, and throughout Kitsap County, WA. So, I want to add an addition to my house; where should... View Article

5 Home Remodeling Trends That Add Value

September 16, 2022

Although Americans were looking for bigger houses several years ago, they are now seeking efficient and flexible homes. If you are considering renovating your property, you will want to consider home additions that add value as well as the top home remodeling trends that have a high return on investment. Below, we will look at five of the top home remodeling trends right now that boost your property value. #1: Stone Veneer Siding While fiber-cement siding is maintenance-free and still incredibly popular with homeowners, a new type of siding is starting to enter the market: stone veneers. As manufactured faux... View Article

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