Tips to Help You Prepare for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

December 10, 2019

A kitchen remodel is universally regarded as the most beneficial upgrade you can make to your home. Nothing instills value faster or changes the standard of everyday living like a newly-updated kitchen. It’s often a costly remodel, but also one that pays dividends for a decade to come. And, if you take kitchen remodeling preparation in Poulsbo, WA into account before your upgrade begins, it can be a headache-free way to totally transform your home.

There’s a lot that goes into a kitchen remodel. There’s also a lot that goes into planning for one. While the remodeling company takes care of things like measurements and materials, do your part and account for preparation. Here are a few tips that’ll ensure you’re totally prepared for the project:

  • Empty the kitchen: No matter the scope of your kitchen remodel, it’s smart to take everything possible out of it before work begins. Empty the cupboards, clean out the pantry and box up your cookware, cutlery and coffee mugs. Removing absolutely everything you can from your kitchen allows your contractors to get right into the remodel.
  • Plan around the mess: Your remodel is going to take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. During that time, you won’t be able to prepare meals or eat in the room. Plan ahead! Establish a budget for eating out, make plans to eat with your parents or friends, or even cook ahead if you have a place to store food safely.
  • Consider pets and kids: No one should be rummaging through the kitchen during a remodel. Even a responsibly managed worksite will have hazards—hazards kids and pets will quickly discover. Find a way to quarantine your kitchen or have plans to keep kids and pets with family throughout the duration of the remodel.
  • Create an emergency cash stash: Even the best kitchen remodeling budget can go awry, and most contractors will quote for extra costs just to be safe. But what about things that go off-script in your life as the result of a remodel? Keep cash on hand for the little things, like boarding your dog or eating out a little more frequently than you’re used to!
  • Close off HVAC: Shutting off the HVAC feed to your kitchen during a remodel is a smart idea. At the very least, you should cover the vents. Construction dust can easily get sucked into your HVAC system and be blown out into the house, causing everything from allergies to a fine layer of dust.

Of course, all these tips come on the back of the obvious steps in kitchen remodeling preparation in Poulsbo, WA—vet your contractors, get quotes in writing, establish a budget and timeline and more! A home that’s thoroughly prepared for a kitchen upgrade will get one, and it will be executed with minimal setbacks and extraneous costs.

Preparation is key, from the moment you start talking with a contractor to the moment work begins on the project. Be sure to consider everything—not just the demolition and construction aspects! Reach out to Coyote Hollow Construction today to learn more.

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