Common Home Remodeling Myths to Be Aware Of

January 17, 2020

Are you interested in making some upgrades to your home with remodels or renovations? It’s important to do plenty of research in advance of the project so you can know not only exactly what you want to do, but how you can do it for a reasonable price.

If you’re new to remodeling, it’s understandable to be a bit overwhelmed with all the information you’re likely to encounter. Sometimes, it’s just as important to know what information or advice to ignore as it is to know what you should listen to.

With this in mind, here are a few examples of some common home remodeling myths in Poulsbo, WA:

You can always save money with a DIY project:
While it’s definitely true that it will typically cost you less money to do a job yourself than to hire a professional, you also have to consider what the project could end up costing you if you do a poor job. If you lack the proper training, know-how or tools for a particular job and then do a bad job of it, you will end up needing to pay a professional as well to come in and fix your mess.

Cracks in the walls mean expensive repairs:
It’s understandable to be nervous if you see cracks forming in your walls, but most of the time these cracks are just a result of the expansion and contraction that occurs with the passage of the seasons. Just because there are cracks in your walls does not mean you have issues with your foundation. But if you really want to make sure you don’t need to do any foundation work, you can hire a structural engineer to come in and check out the issue to put your fears to rest.

Green and sustainable features will be expensive:
There are certainly some “green” materials and appliances that can be quite expensive, but this is not true in every case. Plus, even in the cases where going green costs you more money up front, you’ll almost always recoup those costs and then some in the long run, simply due to the amount of energy they’ll help you save.

It’s better for home value to add a bedroom than a bathroom:
Actually, the opposite tends to be true! In most cases, adding a bathroom is the biggest way to get a return on your investment in a new room. This is especially true if you only have one bathroom in your home. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom house could see its value balloon significantly with the addition of a second bathroom.

It’s a good idea to follow design trends:
Do what you want with your home—that’s your right as a homeowner. But it’s a mistake to go with a particular design for a remodel just because that’s what happens to be trendy at the moment. Timeless is always better than trendy when it comes to the value of a home.

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