Tips for Matching Outbuildings to Your New Home

May 7, 2020

Before you add a new outbuilding to your property, you’ll need to make sure you’ve designed and planned it to ensure it fits in with your home and the rest of its surroundings. This is true for all types of outbuildings, including garages, storage sheds, garden sheds and pool houses. A failure to properly match the building could result in the new outbuilding standing out like a sore thumb and being a major aesthetic blight.

Here are just a few of the factors you should take into consideration when designing your new outbuilding. Your local remodeling contractors in Poulsbo, WA can explain further and provide additional tips.

HOA and neighborhood requirements

If you live in an area that has a homeowners association (HOA), you should first and foremost make sure your plans for a new outbuilding fall in line with the visual standards set by the HOA board. You will likely need to present the project to the HOA board before you begin construction, but so long as you adhere to those standards, you shouldn’t have an issue getting the project approved.
If you don’t live in an area with an HOA, it’s still important for you to take the aesthetics of your neighborhood into consideration. If you live in an older neighborhood, you should make sure you use traditional architecture and designs for your new outbuilding rather than a highly modern structure.


Take a look at some of the most important details of your home’s exterior design, such as the roof line and the exterior style. By matching these characteristics on any new outbuilding, you can create a much more cohesive, continuous appearance with your new project. You should match the siding or brick to your new outbuildings, and make sure you use the same color palette for the outbuilding that you used for your house.

If you go mismatched, you’re not going to like the results. Two different kinds of brick, for example, will clash horribly. Two different colors or styles of siding could also be a major faux pas, especially if they don’t fall in the same color palette.

Beyond the colors and materials, you should also consider some of the architectural features used in your home. You should use window styles, roofing materials, gutters, downspouts and other exterior features that match those on your house.

Coordinating your new outbuilding’s appearance with your home doesn’t juts help you stay incompliance with HOA or neighborhood regulations—it also just helps you make your entire property look a lot better and more cohesive. A new outbuilding should add value to your property, but if it is an aesthetic nightmare, it could actually detract from that value because it will damage your curb appeal.

If you’re interested in learning more about the steps you can take to better coordinate the design of your outbuildings with the design of your home, we encourage you to contact the local remodeling contractors at Coyote Hollow Construction in Poulsbo, WA. We’d be glad to tell you more about the various services we offer.

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