Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

June 14, 2020

One of the most popular home remodeling projects is renovating the bathroom. They’re a major part of our everyday lives, so it’s no wonder homeowners would like them to be peaceful, functional and luxurious spaces. However, there are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to taking the plunge and remodeling your bathroom.
Here is an overview of the top bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid in Poulsbo, WA:

  • Not budgeting enough: Bathroom remodels are probably more expensive than you think, especially when you start pricing fixtures, cabinetry, plumbing, electricity and more. A top-of-the-line remodel could cost well over $20,000, while small scale renovations will likely run at least $5,000. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know exactly how much your renovation will require.
  • Not communicating well with your contractor: Many people make the mistake of assuming their contractor is on the same page they are, but when it comes to your home, you need to spell every last detail out, including exactly which of your bathrooms they’re supposed to be remodeling.
  • Not enough ventilation: You’ve got that brand-new sauna-like shower, which is incredibly luxurious—but oops, you forgot to install enough ventilation so your paint won’t peel off the walls. Experts suggest investing in great bathroom fans. There are models today that operate on timers, so you won’t use more energy than necessary to keep your space moisture and mildew free.
  • Not planning for lighting: If you want to upgrade your lighting, that requires extra planning—make sure you let your contractor know as soon as possible.
  • Getting impractical features and fixtures: Sure, that claw-foot bathtub looks striking, and you’ll probably get a lot of reading done there, but is it practical for your own bathing preferences, or for bathing your kids? Can your aging parents step in and out of that tub? When picking new fixtures or bathroom features, think about how you’ll use them day to day to determine whether they’re truly necessary.
  • Forgetting to plan for outlets: Having enough electrical outlets is easy to overlook, but critical for the use and enjoyment of your bathroom.
  • Not enough storage: It’s also easy to overlook storage in favor of modern, minimalist designs. Your pedestal sink looks great, but where will you store the towels? How about your shaving kit or your makeup collection? When planning your remodel, think about everything you use your bathroom for—from utility to relaxation—and make sure you’ve got every need covered.
  • Bad layout: You don’t want the shower door to hit the toilet every time you get in and out of the cubicle, nor does it make sense to have the toilet directly facing the door. A bad layout can ruin the utility of your space, to say nothing of your enjoyment.

Avoid making bathroom renovation mistakes when you work with Coyote Hollow Construction in Poulsbo, WA. We’ll help you design the perfect space for your needs. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation—we look forward to showing you what we can do!

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