Advantages of Open Concepts That Make This the Most Popular Floor Plan

September 23, 2020

With so many options for layout and design, homeowners have nearly limitless options for their properties. In recent years, many have discovered the benefits of open floor plans. Once you consider the following advantages of this style, you will understand why open floor plans are so popular in Poulsbo, WA.

It lets in natural light

Because an open floor plan features fewer interior walls, it lets in more sunlight than other layout styles. The light can travel through more rooms, bringing the outdoors inside and creating bright, inviting spaces for homeowners and their guests.

It makes the space feel bigger

Open floor plans provide a large and airy feel. Fewer walls eliminate the risk of a boxed-in atmosphere inside the home. Adding vaulted or cathedral ceilings or two-story rooms and foyers to the layout further enhances this spacious feel. The final result is a home with the same square footage but a much bigger atmosphere than one with a choppier layout.

It creates good entertaining space

When the family room is open to the kitchen, hosts and guests can interact more easily. While cooking, serving or making other preparations, the homeowner doesn’t miss out on socializing. The open floor plan keeps them visible. The open floor plan also allows guests to easily flow from one room to the next and prevents overcrowding.

It encourages family time

Busy parents and children can more easily interact with an open floor plan. While each family member pursues work, homework, chores and hobbies, they can do so in a large gathering space that allows interaction rather than isolation. The large spaces and clear views keep everyone in contact and encourage interaction.

It makes the kitchen the focal point

Kitchens are the heart of the modern home. They are the place where families gather, guests mingle and cooks explore their culinary talents. An open floor plan typically makes the kitchen the focal point, which makes sense because this is the place where everyone congregates. The homeowner can customize the kitchen to include designs and features that match their taste, lifestyle and use of the space, to maximize the potential of this room.

It can boost the value

Because there are so many benefits of open floor plans in Poulsbo, WA, this design can increase the value of the home. Many buyers are searching for this style, making open floor plans desirable and in demand. This encourages other homeowners to choose this style when they build, and the cycle continues.

Reap the benefits

If you can see why open floor plans are popular in Poulsbo, WA and want to take advantage of these benefits, contact the team at Coyote Hollow Construction. We are dedicated to skillful home renovations and remodels. We can create the open space you desire to suit your lifestyle. Our experts are known for their attention to detail, integrity and skillful execution of our projects. Call us today at 360-598-4699 to speak with one of our trusted staff or to schedule your free one-hour estimate!

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