Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

September 1, 2020

Is it just us, or does it seem like there’s never enough storage space in bathrooms? If you can relate to this feeling, you know how challenging it is to find room for everything you need in a bathroom, from fresh towels to spare toilet paper. Over the years, we’ve discovered some really innovative bathroom storage ideas in Poulsbo, WA that can make all the difference.

Adding storage to your bathroom

For most homeowners, bathroom storage in Poulsbo, WA is in high demand. Existing cabinets, shelves and/or drawers simply do not provide the amount of storage you need to safely and neatly stow away all linens, health and beauty products, toiletries and so on that you own. Fortunately, with a little outside-of-the-box thinking, your bathroom can have more storage space than you could ever possibly require:

  • Dresser-style vanity: With multiple drawers built in, everything you need for your beauty routine is at hand with ease here.
  • Built-in cabinets: Whether they’re near your sink and vanity or tucked away in a corner, built-in cabinets allow you to customize the storage solution you add to your bathroom.
  • Baskets, trays and bins: For those who already have shelves in their bathrooms, organize everything into containers that match your décor. Small items can go on decorative trays on your vanity. Baskets are great for bath products and towels. Bins are great for people who buy toiletries in bulk.
  • Shower cubby: Add a recessed area to your shower to store all of your hair and body care products. This frees up the ledge around your tub or shower and makes the entire room look much more organized and cleaner.
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves: The most common request we get during bathroom renovation projects is to add more shelves. Floor-to-ceiling shelves not only look really chic, they are also great for any type of storage you can imagine.
  • Built-in bench: Installing a built-in bench serves two purposes: more bathroom storage in Poulsbo, WA and a cozy place to unwind. It’s easy to store lots of linens in these benches. Plus, there’s nothing quite like an inviting bench in your master bathroom where you can leisurely treat yourself to a facial mask or just a few minutes of peace and quiet.
  • Recessed shelving above vanity: There’s valuable space between your vanity and mirror. Use it! This is a great spot to build in a recessed shelf for the items you need on-hand, like soap, toothpaste or a hair brush

Since 1990, the team at Coyote Hollow Construction has built dream homes for hundreds of families in our community. When we are working on a new build or renovation project, homeowners are always looking for bathroom storage ideas in Poulsbo, WA. With our decades of experience, we can work with you to find the storage solution that works best for you while creating the most comfortable, luxurious bathroom you’ve ever imagined. Once the work is done, you’ll never want to leave your stunning new space! Get in touch with us now to discuss your next construction or remodeling project.

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