Five Reasons to Avoid This Bathroom Luxury Item

December 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic of the past year has forced a lot of us to alter our professional and personal lives, but it’s also caused us to cast a critical eye around the homes many of us are spending so much time in these days. Maybe you’ve figured out a plan to revamp the landscaping come spring, or perhaps you’ve decided to redo the bathroom that’s long bothered you.

If you’re leaning toward a bathroom project and are picking out the features you want, one important thing to know is the reasons to avoid jetted bathtubs in Poulsbo, WA—while fun, they can be more trouble than they’re worth for a number of reasons:

Price: Jetted bathtubs are, first and foremost, expensive. They usually start at around $1,500, and that’s just the beginning of the cost. You should also understand that they can consume quite a bit of power when they’re running, so your utility bill could see a jump as well. Finally, they’re complicated to install—this is no DIY job—so you also have to hire a professional to get things squared away.

Noise: There’s no way to sugarcoat it—water pumps make a lot of noise, and they can be a serious annoyance to both the person using the tub and the other people in the house. One of the reasons to avoid jetted bathtubs in Poulsbo, WA is that they can just add to the din of your house and cancel out all of the supposed relaxation benefits.

Water: One of the big cons of jetted bathtubs in Poulsbo, WA is that they’re not exactly “green.” As was stated above they use a lot of electricity, but they also take a lot of water to fill. They’re typically very deep, which means much of the time, when you draw a bath, you might be completely draining your hot water tank.

Ventilation: The biggest appeal of jetted bathtubs is that they give you a nice warm soak. However, all of this warm water can create quite a lot of moisture and hot air that will need to be ventilated somehow. Otherwise, you could wind up with a foggy bathroom in the short term and mold on the walls in the long run. And speaking of mold, the internal pipes and nozzles are a prime breeding ground when water lays dormant in them long after you’ve stopped your soak.

Unused luxury: One of the final reasons to avoid a jetted bathtub in Poulsbo, WA is that they’re usually more trouble than they’re worth. They’re nice in theory, but ask anyone who has one and they’ll likely tell you they don’t use it nearly as much as they originally thought they might.

If you’re remodeling a bathroom and are interested in learning more about what luxuries you might want to opt for, it’s time to call the pros at Coyote Hollow Construction. We have the expertise in everything from remodeling to new custom builds, and we can help bring your plan to life. Reach out today to arrange a consultation!

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