Green Construction Is on The Rise

February 15, 2021

Regardless of your feelings about climate change, no one is arguing about saving money. That’s one thing we can all agree on, and believe it or not, it’s one of the advantages of green construction. Eco-friendly construction in Poulsbo, WA not only helps the environment—thereby allowing us all to live longer, healthier lives—but it also helps your pocketbook.

Why choose sustainable, eco-friendly homes? Well, for one thing, modern construction has made sustainable homes more affordable than ever. For another, green design elements can save you money over the life of your home, and make day-to-day living more affordable. Read on to learn more about these developments to determine whether you’re interested in pursuing the advantages of green construction.

Sustainable construction

Solar power is one of the first things that comes to mind when most people think of green construction. Solar panels on the roof turn the sun’s rays into energy that powers your home. There is an upfront cost associated with installing solar panels, but new technologies and an increase in the availability of solar power has made it more affordable in recent years. It will also save you money over the years to come, and may end up paying for itself sooner than you think.

If solar panels aren’t enough to satisfy your green urges, you can also consider a cool roof. This design uses reflective paint or special absorptive tiles to keep the sun’s rays at bay. Another way to go is a living roof, which uses low-water plants to insulate the roof, as well as absorb carbon dioxide and give off more oxygen.

It used to be that if you wanted insulation, it was probably going to be made of either asbestos or fiberglass, both of which aren’t great for the environment (or your health). These days, wall filler doesn’t have to be toxic. New construction can use recycled materials like newspaper or even denim to keep a house insulated.

Sustainable living

There are many design and construction elements that can make for sustainable living inside the home. New technologies like smart thermostats can regulate temperature when you’re in the home as well as when it’s empty, and Energy Star appliances are all certified to be energy efficient, so you’ll know they are not wasting electricity when they are in use or on standby.

Electrochromic smart glass is one of the coolest features of green design. These windows use small electrical signals to change the windows ever so slightly in order to adjust the amount of solar radiation they reflect. You’ll save money and energy without even thinking about it.

There are choices of building materials that can be made to reduce your ecological footprint as well. Sustainably-sourced materials like bamboo and cork are quickly renewable and not only cut down on the environmental impact of new construction, but can also provide an interesting and unique design element to any room in a new home.

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