How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Construction Industry and How That Affects You

April 30, 2021

If you’ve been trying to get any construction work done during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve probably noticed the impact on construction in Poulsbo, WA. As with every industry, construction has taken a hit. Lumber prices have skyrocketed over this past year, which makes everything more frustrating and expensive for everyone. Despite the lumber prices, people are taking advantage of low interest rates and being more homebound than ever are now addressing those additions, remodels, and new home construction projects they have put off. Builders are swamped and are often unable to take on the small projects and lower paying jobs because of the number of large jobs that have flooded the market.

Here’s how the pandemic has affected construction, and what to expect if you call for a remodel in the next year.

Lumber prices have skyrocketed

If you’re planning a remodel, you’ll almost certainly need lumber. Unfortunately, thanks to the pandemic, lumber prices have skyrocketed to almost 188 percent of what they were in the pre-pandemic days. While prices should go down as the world gets back to normal, you have to understand that when material prices go up, so do overall costs. Your $15,000 bathroom remodel didn’t become a $20,000 to $25,000 bathroom remodel just because there’s a pandemic—there’s a huge reason that prices have gone up.

Most construction professionals are looking at higher-paying jobs

Since everyone is struggling, you can imagine that most construction professionals are trying to find higher-paying jobs across the board. Your $15,000 renovation might be a huge expenditure to you—and it is—but contractors have to make a living in unprecedented circumstances. That’s why many of them are passing up smaller jobs to do big ones. It’s not glamorous or fun, but it ensures they can pay their bills. If you’ve been having trouble finding a contractor during this tough time, consider waiting a bit until you can truly afford to go all out. Plus, the lumber will be less expensive if you wait!

Builders don’t want to be in others’ living spaces

Finally, think about the health concerns. Although some people don’t care about 2021 lumber prices in Poulsbo, WA—and in some cases, don’t even believe there’s an actual pandemic going on—it’s important to take your contractors’ health concerns into account. Like the flu, COVID-19 spreads through respiratory transmission. If your contractors can’t be in your space by themselves during the entirety of construction, they are much more likely to contract the virus and be out for a few days—or forever. That’s just one reason why you need to be quite cautious when you’re inviting contractors into your home. They might be doing a job you paid them to do, but they’re also putting their health at risk while they’re doing it.

If you’re considering a home renovation at this time, please understand that there might be more associated costs than usual. The pandemic has affected everyone, including the professionals who are ready and able to build out your new addition. You should also be aware that prices are rising because everything is more expensive—not because anyone is trying to take advantage of you.
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