What Are the Advantages of Insulated Concrete?

December 30, 2021

Traditional wood framing is out, and insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are in. An ICF wall system can come in preformed interlocking blocks or as separate panels connected with metal ties. As the name suggests, the concrete is also insulated, typically with high-density Styrofoam or another lightweight material. ICFs can be used for below-grade foundations as well as above-grade walls up to two stories high.

Because insulated concrete formwork is becoming so popular across the country, we put together this post to cover a few of the reasons to consider ICFs.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider ICFs and why we’re the best team to build your new home.


Concrete can take on any shape or form, so the options are limitless when you’re designing a house with ICFs. You can have cathedral ceilings, high walls and large openings to make your new home feel open and airy. Even though they’re made of insulated concrete, your interior walls can look just the same as they would in a traditional house.

Just like a wood-framed house, you can use any exterior finish to meet your wants and needs. Everything from wood siding to stucco and brick are options for your new home.


It stands to reason that a home with concrete walls is more durable and secure than one with wood framing. From earthquakes to gale-force winds, ICFs can withstand all sorts of nasty weather. Plus, concrete is flame resistant in the event of a house fire. We recommend using ICFs wherever possible to make your home as safe as can be.

Energy efficiency

Because ICFs provide better insulation than many other insulation types, they can help homeowners slash their monthly energy bills. Just be sure to work with a professional who has experience working with ICF systems. If they’re installed incorrectly, you won’t get that same energy-efficiency benefit.

Greater comfort

You’ll find that ICFs often lead to a more comfortable living experience than in a traditional wood-framed home. This is due to the quieter, better-insulated environment. You’ll never have to worry about a cold draft blowing through the room or noisy cars driving by outside when you live in a home built with an ICF wall system.

Speedy construction

Another reason homeowners and home builders love insulated concrete formwork is that it can be a much faster construction project. Homeowners can move into their house more quickly, and construction crews can move onto their next project faster when they go with ICFs.

In fact, building with ICFs instead of wood requires two-thirds the amount of time and can be accomplished with fewer crew members. ICF construction can even be done in rainy conditions, which is ideal for builders in the Pacific Northwest.

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