5 Additional Dwelling Unit Ideas to Inspire You

May 31, 2022

Construction is art — an art that takes time to bring out your imagined vision. You can express it differently, including home renovations, remodeling, and repairs. One of the ways to achieve value for money when expressing this art would be a home renovation where you add a structure or space. Various additional living unit ideas will inspire you in this pursuit, including the following.

Guest House In the Backyard?

An additional guest house in your backyard is an excellent idea, assuring you of unmatched value for your money. This unit could be attached to your main home or a stand-alone building. Whichever it is, splash it with luxe. The idea is to improve your property’s value by bringing in the wow factor.

Most experts recommend increased usable space. Enough space ensures that the guests are comfortable and in an airy room. Remember, you could convert this unit into a short-term vacation rental, tapping in more money in the long run.

Convert Your Garage

Garages help protect your assets, particularly vehicles. Yet, you could convert this space into an additional dwelling unit on property. This move makes your property more appealing to potential buyers, increasing its market value at the same time.

Converting your garage requires you to increase ventilation in the room. You will also need to make the space more homely, preferably by embracing bright colors. Excellent interior décor will ensure the room is significantly more attractive.

Retreat Space

Suppose you need a room where you can spend time when stressed or worked up. In that case, you can build a work-from-home retreat structure. This facility will host various entertainment and relaxing features, including a home theater and a gaming station. The idea is to have a place where you can unwind comfortably.

This room should be bright enough to accommodate different needs. Modern lighting, including vanity lighting, will be a great addition. It should allow for seamless yoga, meditation, and a spa bathroom. In addition, you could consider placing it near a green space, allowing you to draw inspiration from nature.

Extra Bedroom

You will benefit from an additional bedroom, whether freestanding or attached to your main unit. This facility should adopt a modern structure and styling, ensuring that it is significantly appealing to potential homebuyers.

Various steps go into making this room homely. For instance, you will have to install modern lighting to illuminate it. Top-quality flooring, a walk-in shower, and innovative home automation technology will be worth embracing. Various modern appliances will also help.

Multi-Function Space

You’ll fall in love with a multi-function room that accommodates various family needs, from relaxation and entertainment to family meetings. Its striking spaciousness will appeal to most people, including potential buyers. Ensure that it is bright and with comfortable furniture.

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