Ways To Add Instant Curb Appeal

July 22, 2022

Traditionally, homeowners have been paying attention to the beauty of their home interiors. It’s essential to communicate that minimal effort and resources are spent on the exteriors of various properties. However, adding curb appeal can significantly improve the overall look of your home. Not to mention, it can also increase its value should you decide to sell in the future. Here are creative ways to add curb appeal and make your home stand out.

1. Revamping Your Walkway

Walkways are usually the first thing that guests see when they come to your home. If yours is cracked or has weeds growing in between the cracks, it’s time for an upgrade. You can hire a professional to lay down new pavers or stones. Adding some lights on either side of the walkway can add a touch of elegance and make your home more inviting.

2. Introduce Lighting Fixtures

If you don’t have outdoor lighting, now is the time to add some. You can go for wall-mounted fixtures, post lights, or string lights. These will make your home more visible at night and create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Lighting fixtures are also great for highlighting your home’s features, such as the front door, porch, or driveway.

3. Creating Visual Symmetry

Visual symmetry is pleasing to the eye and can make your home look more refined. You can achieve this by adding matching planters on either side of your front door or lining up the windows. To create a cohesive look, you can also plant flowers or shrubs of the same variety in each planter. However, ensure not to go overboard with this idea, as too much symmetry can look unnatural.

4. Add a Pop of Color

If your home’s exterior is looking drab, a quick and easy way to add some curb appeal is by painting the front door. This will instantly brighten up the space and make it more inviting. You can also paint the shutters or trim for a more dramatic effect. Just make sure to choose colors that complement the overall look of your home. Different colors can also be used to create patterns or add visual interest.

5. Updating Your Hardware

Another easy way to add curb appeal is by updating your hardware. This includes your door knocker, house numbers, mailbox, and light fixtures. Choosing new hardware that coordinates with the style of your home can make a big difference. You can also paint or refinish existing hardware to give it a unique look. Use modern materials like brushed nickel or stainless steel for a more contemporary feel.


By following these tips, you can add instant curb appeal to your home and make it more inviting. Showing love to your property’s exterior is a great way to improve its overall look and value. So, don’t neglect the outside of your home and take some time to add some curb appeal. Coyote Hollow Construction can help you achieve the perfect look for your home. We specialize in all aspects of home improvement, from walkways and landscaping to painting and roofing.

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