Tips for Adding a Mudroom That Combines Function & Form

August 26, 2022

Rainy days can be miserable in more ways than one. Aside from bringing gloomy weather, rainy days can also be troublesome because they introduce dirt and mud into your home. At times, it may seem like keeping your home clean during a rainy week can be an impossible task.

However, certain additions can keep your home consistently clean even amidst rainy weather. One such addition is known as a mudroom.

In this article, we will discuss why adding a mudroom to your house can be a hugely beneficial decision.

What Is a Mudroom?

The term “mudroom” is a dead giveaway for its purpose within a home setting. The main purpose of a mudroom is to contain the mess people bring from the outside within one room.

If you had to track through mud to get home, you can pass through the mudroom and leave your dirty shoes and clothes there. While the mudroom would get dirty, the rest of the home would be spared.

Mudrooms also act as temporary storage areas. You can keep your dirty clothes and shoes in there until such time that you can clean them. Leaving them there for a while won’t be an issue because they won’t be in the way.

How To Design a Mudroom

Now that you know what a mudroom is for, you may be interested in adding one to your home. So, how should you go about adding a mudroom? The tips detailed below will help you get started.

Identify the Ideal Mudroom Location

Arguably the most important thing you need to do when designing a mudroom is to find the right spot.

The right spot for a mudroom is the point of entry you use most often whenever you are wearing muddy clothes. It could be a spot close to your garden, one positioned next to your front door, or somewhere near your garage. Identify wherever that spot is before you start building.

Build the Mudroom Using Easy-to-Clean Materials

Your mudroom will be covered in dirt more often than not. Knowing that, you should use easy-to-clean materials to build it.

Sealed concrete is a great choice for your mudroom because it is non-porous. You can wash it frequently without altering its appearance.

Add Storage-Focused Features

Even if mudrooms are expected to be messy, they still don’t have to be disorganized. Add racks, hooks, and even some cabinets to your mudroom so it can be a more functional storage area. You can create dedicated sections inside your new mudroom so your dirty clothes don’t have to be kept in one pile. Keeping your mudroom organized will be easier if those features are in place.

Install Large Windows for Natural Lighting

Lastly, you should take advantage of the mudroom’s position by installing some large windows. With those large windows in position, you can welcome more natural lighting into your mudroom. Reduce the need for keeping lights on inside your mudroom by installing those windows.

A thoughtfully designed mudroom can be a terrific addition to any household. You’ll be able to relax at home more thanks to your mudroom keeping the mess contained.

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