Color Trends for 2023 – 6 New Ways Your Home Can Make You Feel Happy

November 23, 2022

We often hear from people at Coyote Hollow Construction about wanting to create a space at home with the precise colors and feel they are looking for. This is something that we consider to be a major part of the work that we help our clients resolve. In other words, we want them to know about trending colors for home decor and which options might be open for them to work with. 

What Colors are Trending in Home Decor? 

Let’s look at some of the colors you might want to consider for your home to remain in style. 


This is an excellent color for the modern bathroom aesthetic in particular. People like it because it is similar in color to some of the most popular jewelry on the market. Therefore, it makes sense that this is a choice that people are reaching out for when designing certain aspects of their homes. 

Honeyed Yellow

A shade of yellow that does look somewhat like honey, this color choice will be sure to pop on your furniture, and it might make you feel a bit better as far as your mood is concerned. After all, the bright color can be quite the lift out of a state of sadness. 

Fuchsia Pink

Once a shunned color because of its vibrancy, many people are beginning to come back to fuchsia pink once again. There is no doubt that anyone that decides to use this color for some of their furniture is taking a big gamble as far as how much it will stand out against the other colors and designs in your house, but you can take that risk if you really want to and have something amazing to look at. 

Green and Orange Combination

Putting green and orange together in combination with one another is the best way to add a splash of modern color and design to your home decor. It is a nice combination that often brings up memories of nature and bounty. Who wouldn’t want to get something like that in their own home? It can be a great way to help you reach those goals. 

Dark Chocolate Brown

Not everyone is going for vibrant and bright colors. There are times when dark chocolate brown is the ideal color for your specific living space. People who want to add some classiness and style to a particular room might find that they are well-served by using dark chocolate brown to reach that goal. After all, it is a great color for neutralizing a room and making it the kind of place that needs to be taken seriously. 

Deep Red

Red is another color choice that you might want to go with if you need to add some seriousness to any room in your home. If that is what you are aiming for, then you ought to consider deep red as a choice. 

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