Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

November 11, 2022

A bathroom makeover can make one of the most active rooms in your home far nicer to use daily. Bathroom remodeling jobs can be daunting, and you have to carefully balance appearance with functionality. Bathroom remodeling projects (like other home improvement projects) can have unexpected expenses and design concerns that may not be clear when you first start the project. Here are five things nobody tells you about a bathroom remodel.

5 Things Nobody Tells You About a Bathroom Remodel

  1. The Cost: The average bathroom cost is often far more expensive than you may think. Even a simple renovation can cost several thousand dollars, so a full remodel easily runs into the $10,000 plus range. You should always consider the scope of your project versus what you can afford. Also, a good common rule is that your bathroom remodel should not exceed 5 to 10 percent of your home’s total value.
  2. Installation of Outlets: When remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget the wall outlets. Common errors include not installing an outlet (or enough outlets) by the vanity, having outlets across the room from where you need them, or only having them on the side of a bathroom with multiple users. When remodeling, consider how you use your bathroom and where you need to plug things in.
  3. Grout Usage: During a bathroom remodel, grout is often the farthest thing from your mind. However, it is an important part of the remodeling job. Grout serves the key purpose of sealing out dirt and water. It also fills in gaps between tiles and accounts for tile size mismatches. When remodeling, you should pick a type of gout that matches your design ideas and fits the area you are using, such as dry versus wet.
  4. Storage Is Important: An important part of any bathroom is storage. A bathroom is a part of your home that has to have proper form and function. Storage makes your bathroom easier to use and doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple shallow shelving installation can make your bathroom far more accessible. You don’t want a situation where you’re constantly having to open cabinets across the room or go under the sink for things you need. Well-placed storage eliminates these issues.
  5. Bathtub Choices: When remodeling your bathroom, replacing your old bathtub with a striking freestanding bathtub is tempting. However, this may not be the best choice as freestanding bathtubs have different care and upkeep needs, may not suit your bathing habits, and they may not be suitable for all types of homes.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom remodel is certainly a worthwhile project, even if it can be a bit stressful. With careful planning and consideration of the variables that can come up while doing the job, you can reduce stress, keep the project on budget, and complete it on time.

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