Bathroom Flooring Trends to Take Note Of

December 9, 2022

Floors provide a foundation for everything within a room. While floors typically undergo a lot of wear and tear, they can last for many years. That said, the time may come when your floor becomes worn out or dated. Folks building new homes will also need new floors. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider popular bathroom flooring options.

Before drumming up bathroom floor ideas, it’s smart for homeowners to study current industry trends and take full account of all the options. Let’s look at some of the most popular bathroom floor trends for 2022 and beyond.

Waterproof Vinyl Floors Are Trending Up

Waterproof vinyl floors rank among the newer bathroom flooring options. These floors started to gain popularity about a decade ago. Obviously, bathroom floors often have to deal with a lot of water. This water could damage tiles, grout, wood underneath the floor, and much more.

That’s where waterproof vinyl floors come in. These floors are durable, especially in the face of water damage. On top of that, they’re easy to install and also quite affordable.

Wood Look Tiles Combine Best of Two Worlds

Hardwood floors typically aren’t recommended for bathrooms and other spaces where floors could end up exposed to lots of water. While wood floors are more durable now than in years past, excessive moisture can still damage them, causing warping and other issues.

If a homeowner craves a wood-floor aesthetic, it’s now possible to buy tiles that resemble wood floors. Tiles are often better at handling moisture. Thus, with wood-look tiles, homeowners can enjoy both a floor hardened against water damage and the sharp look of a wood floor.

Mosaic Tiles Turn Bathrooms Into Art

Few things can draw the eye like an excellent mosaic. Whether the mosaic is set in fabric, on canvas, on a wall, or wherever else, if you want something distinctive and eye-catching, a mosaic is hard to beat.

Tiles have long been used to make mosaics. And with the right tiles, it’s possible to create a mosaic that is resistant to water and moisture. 

Patterned Tiles Break the Mold

Some folks don’t like mosaics. They may find them too busy or distracting or something else. However, mosaic tiles certainly aren’t the only option for converting bathroom floors into art. These days, it’s possible to get tiles that offer beautiful patterns.

Think Outside the Box With Geometric Tiles

Most tiles are either squares or rectangles. That’s not the case with geometric tiles, however. With these tiles, you can get polygons, hexagons, diamonds, triangles, and more.

As with other tile floors, these geometric tiles can be crafted from materials that stand up to water and moisture. Sometimes these tiles can be a bit more difficult to install than plain squares, but the results are worth it.

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