5 Common Roof Support Issues 

March 3, 2023

5 Common Roof Support Issues 

The roof is a crucial part of any structure, and its strength depends on the support it gets. Whether it is a wood, metal or cement roof, the supports are what hold it up, if there are any problems on those support systems, it could cause serious damage to the whole structure. 

1. Leaking Roofs

When roof leaks occur, they can cause serious damage to the interior of your home. Water damage to the rafters, ceiling joists and wood framing can cause rot, mold and weakened insulation. Most roof leaks happen near items that penetrate the roof such as vents, chimneys, and dormers. The problem can be difficult to spot because the visible signs of a leak on the inside may be several feet above or to the left and right of the actual source of the leak. Another common area where a leak can appear is in the peaks and valleys of your roof. These are the V-shaped spots where slopes meet. If the valleys were never sealed properly, they can create a place where water can seep in. 

2. Water Damage

Water damage is a major cause of loss in commercial buildings. Even when it isn’t immediately apparent, it can be a costly and long-term problem. Water can come in through cracks, crevices, or other openings in a building’s structure and slowly collect, which can eventually lead to extensive damage. If you notice a leak in your home, don’t put off fixing it. Putting it off will only increase the cost of any future repairs. In addition to damaging the material and building components in your home, water damage can also spread mold. This can be particularly dangerous if the moisture is hidden behind walls or underneath floors, which is why you should hire a pro to inspect and treat any water damage you find in your home. 

3. Poor Ventilation

Roof ventilation is a critical element of any roofing system. Without it, your attic will stay hot and humid all year long, resulting in the deterioration of your shingles, insulation, and roof decking. It also allows moisture to build up, causing a variety of problems that can shorten the life of your roof and increase your energy bills. The lack of proper ventilation can even lead to ice dams in the winter months. Improper ventilation can also lead to a buildup of mold and mildew, which can cause serious health issues. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call a qualified roofing contractor in Leawood to get your roof ventilated properly! They can also help you find the source of your ventilation problem. 

4. Ice Dams

Ice dams are formed by the interaction of snow cover, outside temperatures and the heat lost through the roof. They occur when the snow on the roof melts, flows down towards the gutters and freezes in colder portions of the roof. Homeowners can prevent ice dams by keeping the attic as warm as possible. They should also make sure their recessed ceiling lights and folding stair openings are well-insulated to keep the warm air in. In addition, homeowners should install gutter helmets to keep water from running off the roof and forming an ice dam. The resulting ice dam will cause water to back up behind it, which can lead to damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation. 

5. Rot

One of the most common roof support issues that goes unnoticed is rot. It may appear in the fascia, soffit, or truss and weaken the overall structure. As a result, it will often sag and even cave in. This is a real danger to you and your family. When rot develops, it is most often a result of excess moisture. This can be caused by a poorly ventilated attic or other issues that lead to high humidity. Once rot has developed, the best thing to do is to remove all of the damaged wood. You can do this with a chisel and then inject a wood patching product to reinforce the remaining wood. 


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