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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Building or Remodeling Contractor

May 28, 2020

As you prepare for a new home building or remodeling job, it is important that you find a reliable, high-quality contractor to partner with for the process. You should make it a point to interview several potential candidates for your job to get as much information as you can about their services and experience. Here are just a few examples of some of the questions you should ask home construction companies in Poulsbo, WA before you decide to move forward with their services. Are you licensed? You should only work with contractors who are licensed for the work you’d be... View Article

Tips for Matching Outbuildings to Your New Home

May 7, 2020

Before you add a new outbuilding to your property, you’ll need to make sure you’ve designed and planned it to ensure it fits in with your home and the rest of its surroundings. This is true for all types of outbuildings, including garages, storage sheds, garden sheds and pool houses. A failure to properly match the building could result in the new outbuilding standing out like a sore thumb and being a major aesthetic blight. Here are just a few of the factors you should take into consideration when designing your new outbuilding. Your local remodeling contractors in Poulsbo, WA... View Article

Tips for Making Your Home Self-Sustainable

April 14, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if your utility bills were $0? Living in a self-sustaining home can make that dream a reality. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, self-sustainable homes in Poulsbo, WA supply all of their own water, electricity, sewer and even food. You can have one built from the ground up, or make the necessary renovations to your existing home. Generally, the smaller the home, the easier it will be to make it entirely self-sustaining. However, every little bit counts—even if your pre-existing home is large, making some simple changes will help reduce your utility costs and your... View Article

Common Misconceptions About Bidets

April 1, 2020

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news these days, you’ve probably heard that it’s hard to find toilet paper at the moment. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people, fearing a lockdown situation, have been hoarding toilet paper and making it impossible for others to purchase any—and bidets are steadily selling out across the country. If you’re not familiar with bidets, you might be wondering what the big deal is—other than that they make it possible to forgo the toilet paper while still getting clean. If you’re interested in upgrading your toilet in Poulsbo, WA by installing a bidet,... View Article

Reasons Why Open Floor Plans Are the Best Choice

March 18, 2020

Home design doesn’t just affect the style and aesthetic appeal of your home—it also makes a big difference when it comes to its functionality and value. When you’re deciding on a floor plan for your custom home or rethinking your existing floor plan and considering a remodeling project, it’s important to think about the advantages and features of various options. For many homeowners, open floor plans in Poulsbo, WA offer the greatest benefit. Keep reading to find out why an open floor concept might be the best choice for your home. Open floor plan basics To decide whether open floor... View Article

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