June 3, 2015

"I am a Real Estate Broker with 20 odd years of buying and selling homes. Upon a professional recommendation for a general contractor in Kitsap County, WA to prepare a 1960’s raised ranch for the market we interviewed multiple contractors and ended up hiring Ken Howlett of Coyote Hollow Construction to spruce up our aging house. From the get go, Ken was honest and straightforward about where and how to wisely spend our money for best return on the dollar. Ken was in constant communication with us, timely in getting his quality work done and spot on in his estimates and budgets. On multiple occasions Ken made it clear that, in his opinion, we would have a better ROI if we changed our minds and did things differently even if it meant less profit for Coyote Hollow. Ken regularly met with us after hours, on weekends, and was always available to meet with subs. Ken’s work was top notch and to very exacting standards. We have nothing but praise for Ken and Coyote Hollow."
May 16, 2015

"As a seasoned Real Estate broker, I have seen many homes put up for sale in need of some serious repairs: from code issues to mold and major rot. I have been referring clients to Coyote Hollow Construction for 20 plus years as it is important for me to have a licensed, bonded, and insured General Contractor perform the work for my clients that are selling their homes. Coyote Hollow is punctual and forthright in communicating the repairs needed on a home. As well as being honest and conscientious in the billing process, they maintain a high standard of quality and take pride in their work. It is with pleasure and without reservation that I recommend Coyote Hollow Construction for any and all home construction or repair needs, regardless of the Scope of Project."
June 1, 2014

"First off, I believe it would be useful to explain the scope of the project that Mr. Ken Howlett of Coyote Hollow Construction was retained to serve as general Contractor and clerck of the works. Our goal was to create a family compound that could be used for generations to come. This scope included the acquisition of 7 acres of waterfront property, all of which had to have lot line changes approved in order to conform to local laws and regulations. Next came ground up restorations of two homes. Construction of our 1600 sq. ft. Log Cabin bunkhouse, ice cream parlor, elaborate tree house, dock systems, artist studio, large barn, and three out buildings. In addition, Ken supervised elaborate underground drainage systems throughout the property as well as several septic systems, road construction, our Helipad, three standby generator systems, and full property electrical upgrade. Lastly the landscaping was itself enormous in scope. In total Mr. Howlett worked on our project for three years and was responsible for a construction budget in excess of $6,000,000.00 Without hesitation or reservations of any kind, I recommend Mr. Howlett both for his skills and integrity. We have welcomed many to visit our property with Ken in order to fully understand his capacity for quality and craftsmanship."
October 16, 2012

"Dear Ken & Tanya Thank you for the beautiful work! Both Miles, and I deeply appreciate the care & skill you brough to the job. And you were nice to have around! Warmly, Holly"
April 22, 2001

"My wife and I recently sold our house in Poulsbo. The house was occupied for many years by my Mother-In-Law, and it needed some repairs. Our Real Estate Agent recommended that we fix everything that was “broken” and also update select items that would make the house hard to sell as-is. Our agent also introduced us to Ken Howlett as somebody who could help us quickly. We don’t live in the area, so we really needed local help. Ken helped us in many ways, which I will try to list here: ● Identify everything that was “broken,” plus identify the low cost repair solution: Ken fixed most of the problems, but he also worked with us to allow us to fix some of the easier items ourselves. For example, I purchased a new front door at Lowes but Ken installed it. ● List the features that could be easily upgraded to make the house more modern and easy to sell: This allowed us to evaluate the potential benefit versus the cost for each idea. For example, we decided to replace all the upstairs trim, but we decided to leave the kitchen cabinets as-is. Ken also referred us to a tree-service that opened a nice little view of Liberty Bay. ● Houses access management: Ken maintained a set of keys, so we could allow other contractors to have access, such as the chimney sweep. This was a big deal since we were not in town. ● Subcontractor management: Ken organized and supervised the painter. ● Every time something went off the plan, Ken fixed it. I ran out of time to take away the last dump run (after closing). Ken picked it up and disposed of it on short notice. ● Finally, Ken responded quickly to Buyer requests that we put into the Sales Agreement. Ken made all the changes requested by the Buyer within a week! He also walked through the work with the Buyer on site. We spent about 15% of the house value in the remodel, but we recouped about doublethat in the sale. More importantly, Ken’s work caused the house to look great and sell quickly. We had a full price offer in 4 days, and it closed in less than a month. I recommend you to work with Ken to fix up your house before the sale. Follow his advice. Good luck."
Coyote Hollow Construction