Green Building on a Budget

October 21, 2022

Rising energy costs and common sense make it highly desirable to build a “green” home that is energy efficient and has the smallest ecological impact. When you undertake eco friendly house construction, you can save money on energy costs while also doing your part to help limit potential impacts on your local and regional environment.

It all starts with having a good design and planning to create a truly eco-friendly home. The design should enable the use of green construction materials and promote energy efficiency. You also should have a budget in mind and stick with it to build the best possible low budget eco friendly house.

Thorough Planning Supports Affordable Green Home Construction

You must make a budget and stick to it when designing your eco-friendly house construction project. The big ticket items typically include kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring when building a traditional home.

You can ensure your eco-friendly construction will stay within budget by avoiding expensive construction materials, like high-dollar countertops, costly kitchen appliances, and more economical bathrooms and bathroom fixtures. Instead of tile backsplashes, granite countertops, and designer kitchen or bathroom fixtures, you should stick with more affordable and efficient fixtures and furnishings. Examples include lights with motion sensors that turn on and off automatically based on whether someone is in the room. Low-flow toilets and faucets can help to reduce water usage. So can installing showers instead of bathtubs.

Location Makes a Big Difference

Where you build your green home and how you position it could make a big difference in its ability to stay warm on cool days and cool on hot days. For example, homes in the state of Washington can benefit from a southern exposure that enables the sun to warm the interior on winter days. That is especially helpful if your home is located at a higher elevation.

You also should consider any potential daily commute you or others in the household will have to undertake. The farther you have to drive, the less “green” your home’s location is for you. In addition to fuel costs, you will have to consider the potential environmental pollution that a long daily commute might produce. Even if you use an electric vehicle, the longer your commute, the more often you will have to charge the battery.

Hire an Experienced Green Homes Builder

An experienced green homebuilder like Coyote Hollow Construction in Poulsbo is your best option for ensuring your home is well-built and environmentally friendly. With more than 30 years of experience as the premiere green homebuilder in the state of Washington, Coyote Hollow Construction can help to keep your costs low and your home’s environmental impact even lower.

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