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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Building or Remodeling Contractor

May 28, 2020

As you prepare for a new home building or remodeling job, it is important that you find a reliable, high-quality contractor to partner with for the process. You should make it a point to interview several potential candidates for your job to get as much information as you can about their services and experience. Here are just a few examples of some of the questions you should ask home construction companies in Poulsbo, WA before you decide to move forward with their services. Are you licensed? You should only work with contractors who are licensed for the work you’d be... View Article

Tips for Matching Outbuildings to Your New Home

May 7, 2020

Before you add a new outbuilding to your property, you’ll need to make sure you’ve designed and planned it to ensure it fits in with your home and the rest of its surroundings. This is true for all types of outbuildings, including garages, storage sheds, garden sheds and pool houses. A failure to properly match the building could result in the new outbuilding standing out like a sore thumb and being a major aesthetic blight. Here are just a few of the factors you should take into consideration when designing your new outbuilding. Your local remodeling contractors in Poulsbo, WA... View Article

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

March 4, 2020

Building a new home is an exciting project that allows you to create a space that’s tailored to your specific needs, preferences and lifestyle. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners miss out on the benefits of custom home building because of some common pitfalls and home building mistakes in Poulsbo, WA. Here are some of the most common home building mistakes and how to avoid them: Going over budget: Budgeting is crucial when planning a custom home build, but many homeowners end up with a list of expenses that exceeds their initial project budget by thousands of dollars. The reality is that... View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Kick Off Your Kitchen Remodeling Plans

February 18, 2020

The time has come to update your kitchen. Something just clicked, and you feel that now is the right time to invest in a kitchen remodel. Here’s the thing, though—you must take the time to plan the project from start to finish, and understand that some snags may arise in the meantime. The good news is that home kitchens are the most popular room in the house to renovate. This means the pros have the remodeling steps down pat. However, it’s up to you to consider the details of what you want in a kitchen as well as set a... View Article

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